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Yuva Reads - New Initiative by Yuavalay Vadodara

YuvaTalkies was the initiative, the first of its kind, taken by Yuvalay, launched in 2017 to learn life-skills.

Epics like Mahabharat and Ramayan are known to have gripped Indian communities the world over for generations. And so has Indian Cinema. One of the most interesting and fun-filled ways of learning is through cinema and television. Movies have a special place in the hearts of the youth today. And, most cinemas are based on real-life stories and experiences. The cinema conveys the most important learning of life in a fascinating manner, engulfing the youth with total immersion in their stories.

In this technology era and with complexities of life, it is extremely important that the youth today understands life at large and the challenges and dilemmas it presents. They must be enabled to focus on their right priorities, understand the significance of people and relationships, adhere to their values and principles, learn new skills and create a strong path to grow personally and professionally. They must build the right character and personality.

Yuvalay has initiated a learning series using Cinema, called ‘YuvaTalkies’. The facilitator chooses a movie with a specific set of learning outcomes, collects its short clippings comprising important aspects and presents the same to the audience of youth. These clippings are discussed amongst the participants under supervision. This way, the youth not only learns but also develops skills like personal SWOT analysis, communication, group discussions, teamwork, focusing, values and principles, people management and so on.

YuvaTalkies is the most preferred and the most enjoyable way of learning by the youth. Yuvalay organizes ‘YuvaTalkies’ frequently. All such training sessions are free of cost to the youth. Yuvalay has no commercial interest in its activities.


Yuva Reads - New Initiative by Yuavalay Vadodara

In this technology era, the reading habit of students has gone miserably down. With social networking tools like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Linkedin etc., students have stopped reading books. This has resulted in lack of knowledge, inability to develop a broader life perspective, very limited language skills and lack of articulation and expressions. These, in turn have impacted their communication adversely.

Keeping the above needs in mind, Yuvalay has launched YuvaReads – a series of presentations on rich content of the best seller books of the world. Apart from experts, students will be encouraged to read a book, develop a presentation on its content and deliver it to the audience of students along with learning outcomes of the book and how to practice its learning. The main purpose of YuvaReads is to encourage students to develop reading habit.

Special launch program was held on 22nd May with known Gujarati author-reader-speaker Jay Vasavada talking for 20 minutes followed by the first book review by a young trainer Dhavani Patel on Book: The Power of Self Discipline No Excuses!


Yuva Speaks - New Initiative by Yuavalay Vadodara

In this technology era, ability to speak effectively to people - be it customers, friends, family members or a big gathering - has not lost its relevance. Being able to persuade, to convince, to influence, to build goodwill, to strengthen relationships or to make a lasting impression is the need of the hour today. Communication skill is an integral part of leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal skill. Without these skills, an individual is not expected to achieve success.

YuvaSpeaks is an initiative to groom youth to master this skill of communication – be it a conversation or public speaking. Attributes of good speaking skill, like articulation, diction, intonations, positivity, respect, courtesy, and emotions are extremely important to learn. YuvaSpeaks is the platform being provided to the youth to practice and master this skill. Yuvalay passionately believes that YuvaSpeaks will contribute significantly to the youth in charting their journey towards success and glory.

YuvaBizz: Imbibing Business Acumen

Yuva Bizz - New Initiative by Yuavalay Vadodara

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”

The youth today is full of ideas and are going to shape the future. What we see today as a reality was someone’s dream years ago and the difference is made when ideas are converted into business models which shape the reality. Successful businesses not only give ideas to life but also empowers and supports families who are associated with it directly and indirectly.

At Yuvalay, it is our endeavour to give a platform to the aspiring entrepreneurs to present and refine their business models and in the process to hone their planning and execution skills. YuvaBizz - A business plan competition was launched on 4th July 2021 comprising of a team or an individual to present a business idea in the form of proposals which were vetted by industry veterans who not only guide the students but also serve as an inspiration as they themselves would have gone through the process of building a successful institution. The purpose of this initiative is to instill critical thinking and help evolve a detailed plan which includes SWOT analysis, understanding the market and pitching the idea amongst other things. This initiative will be continued henceforth as a core event of Yuvalay.

Opportunities will knock on the door sooner or later but with the YuvaBizz initiative, Yuvalay is opening the door for budding entrepreneurs.

YuvaLeads: Developing Leaders of Tomorrow

Yuva Leads - New Initiative by Yuavalay Vadodara

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”

India as a Country is growing as each day passes but the journey from a developing nation to a developed nation is a challenging one and will require a different approach to problem solving. Today’s Youth is going to play a pivotal role in this journey and shaping a better future for the next generation to come.

At Yuvalay, we would want to push boundaries and ask the Youth to think beyond the routine career building plans and share ideas and ways to handle and resolve national problems and in the process create leaders for a better tomorrow.

YuvaLeads initiative was launched on 3rd July, 2021 with an aim of giving space to Youth to speak on predefined topics in front of the Jury followed by Q&A. It is our fundamental belief that looking at pan India issues and identifying macro and micro root causes and coming up with solutions will not only test but also build key leadership skills such as problem solving, innovative thought process, communication and convincing abilities to name a few.

Leaders will get tested in uncharted paths and the capability to deal with uncertainties and tackling them well defines how far they will go in their journey and this opportunity with YuvaLeads of looking at national problems and creating a vision for a better country and getting people along them should serve as a building block of qualities required in Leaders of the future.

YuvaWrites: Developing Art and Science of Writing

Yuva Writes - New Initiative by Yuavalay Vadodara

“One Child, One Teacher, One Book and One Pen can change the world” – Malala

We live in a World where communication has become so vital that we are being judged in the professional world by our capability of speaking and writing well. Emails have become the de-facto official communication mode in all organizations and it is expected to be able to articulate your thought process well.

YuvaWrites is an initiative to ignite the spark of writing and to open a plethora of career building options. Today’s era offers varied opportunities in the field of content writing, blogging and professional writing amongst several others and this is a step towards helping build that future. YuvaWrites initiative was launched with an Essay writing competition in July 2021 to hone the writing skills of the students and give a chance to pour their hearts out on predefined topics. The essays are to be written in any of the three languages i.e. English, Hindi and Gujarati and the selected essays get featured in the Yuvalay Magazine which gives wings to the thoughts as it will reach masses. Writing broadens the knowledge base, improves vocabulary and helps articulate and channelize the thoughts and it is our aim to ensure that students get enough opportunities to share and improve their writing skills.

When we write – It makes us conscious about our thought process and this initiative is a step towards pushing the Youth to Write well for our words make the difference – No matter if they are spoken or just written.

YuvaTech: Developing Tech Skills

Yuva Tech - New Initiative by Yuavalay Vadodara

“It’s not that we use technology, we live technology”

Technology and the innovations which have happened with it have formed an integral part of life and unknowingly it is becoming indispensable for the impact it is creating. What we think today becomes a reality tomorrow and the change is happening at the speed of light. For example, education technologies in the last year have enabled a wide reach to children in rural areas which was thought a distant reality before.

With YuvaTech - A Yuvalay initiative which was launched on 2nd July 2021, Yuvalay wishes to bring to the fore the latest which is happening with the tech world and how it is changing various aspects of our daily lives. If we are not curious, we will not learn and if we do not learn then we will not change and if we do not change – We shall perish. This fundamental idea serves as the backbone of YuvaTech in which the colleges screened the participants and nominated individuals or teams to share ideas and new developments which are happening in the tech world.

Today technology plays a pivotal role in any field we are associated with and it enables us to become more efficient and to reach to a larger audience in one go. The startups and the Unicorns we see around us all have one thing in common i.e. Technology plays a central role and this exemplifies how important a part it plays in our lives. One another key fact remains that Technology use, monitoring and control has been considered as top 15 skills which will be required by 2025 and hence it is very important that we are hands on with the changes which are happening and embrace it by learning and keeping up to pace with the Change and this initiative is a step towards bringing the future closer to you.

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