Yearn to Learn Y2L

A recent survey suggests that only 7% of graduate students are employable and this gap between academics and industry would be widespread across different steams of education. To find the connect between what is taught in the class and what we see in the in real world is important not only because it helps understand subject better but also serves as a medium for creating curiosity.

Yuvalay has identified this gap and in partnership with Lupin Ltd., One of India's greatest pharma success story, has launched an initiative: "Y2L" to provide a platform to understand and observe the real world applications and problems for the students. The initiative covers scheduled industry visits, interaction with experts, mentorship and an opportunity to learn from top leadership team of the organization. The complete program is focused and structured in such a manner that the student can get the overview of the key functionalities of the organization along with in-depth understanding of the core area. Its a closed loop program which begins with industry visit and shall end with report submission by the student and review by Lupin based on which the students shall be invited for further batches.

Students from Science, Engineering, Commerce and Management can be associated with this initiative for which we have designed a systematic screening procedure. We believe that if each of the participant is able to find his/her passion for life, develop network, increase confidence and gets an insight into what future has instore for them - Our purpose shall be achieved.

Y2L is formally launched from 2nd April, 2017.

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