Self Awareness

  • Self-awareness is the capacity for introspection and the ability to recognize oneself as an individual separate from the environment and others.
  • Self-awareness revolves around an interactive cycle of the individual’s Needs, Skills, Personal Interests, Values and Hopes & Dreams.
  • Self-awareness starts from self-acceptance.
  • First thing to be aware is that every human being is unique in nature, talent and abilities.
  • Humans are social beings. Day in and Day out them go through different experiences and situations: favorable, unfavorable, pleasant, unpleasant. Many happen to be in unfavorable situations for no fault of themselves. Many things happens un expectedly for no fault of any one. Sometimes one is forced through something for no fault of any one. Many things are not in our control and many things we are not able to manage in spite of our best efforts.
  • The question is; how to approach life. Life is not living the dream, how to face and deal with the daily challenges thrown upon you and come out successfully and at the end remain peaceful and contented with one self.
  • If you are not comfortable with yourself you cannot be comfortable with your surroundings. If you are not comfortable with both life becomes a hard and difficult.
  • How to move ahead in these situations? Introspection and being aware of oneself.
  • Honestly one is not even aware of oneself fully. There are 4 distinct part of our inner self.

Ways and means to develop become Self Awareness

  • Try to know more about you and your response to the outside world. Your thoughts and actions.
  • What you like and accept? What do you dislike and reject or reluctantly compromise? Why do we do so?
  • One needs to introspect to find why we respond the way which we do, to many of the situations and why others reacted the way they did.
  • Did we do the right thing? Did we behave right, Did we speak the right thing, if not, what went wrong and why?
  • Keep questioning yourself Why, Why and Why? and find answers or seek experts help for a clear vision to find the right path to move ahead.
  • Understand that you are unique and no point in comparing self with others. There is no comparison between one to other.
  • Identify your strengths, innate potential that are bestowed upon you by the almighty and make use of it and enhance it to your betterment.
  • Identify your limitations and seek help from authentic sources to convert your limitations to strengths and pursue it till you succeed.
  • Discover and push you’re your physical limits.
  • Improve your body language awareness
  • Monitor your self talk
  • During this process you may stumble upon a different persona you had but hither to unknown which were the reason and cause of some of your actions which proved wrong later.
  • Mark those and never allow it to influence, instigate or mislead you to favorable thoughts and actions.
  • No one is perfect and can be. So shed your perfectionistic demands.
  • Do not over-burden yourself with work
  • Keep some time for the private you for being

A simple exercise of 6 points as given below if do repeatedly will help you to understand the self better and improve upon or at least cautious to be alert to keep you away disturbances.

Complete the statements

  • I am ________________________________.
  • I am ________________________________.
  • I am ________________________________.
  • I am ________________________________.
  • ___________________________________________ are the significant others in my life.
  • ________________________________ makes me angry.
  • I enjoy myself most when ________________________________.
  • The significant others in my childhood were ________________________________.
  • To whom you are significant according to you? ________________________________________________________________
  • My dream is ________________________________________________________________.

The brief video shown to establish the fact that even those who do not have hands and limbs can do everything a normal human being can do if not much better they have determination, a strong mind, an un-shakeable self-belief, to transform their limitations to strengths.

  • Please understand: you are a unique individual.
  • No one else is like you in the whole world. This itself makes you special already.
  • Our time in this world is limited. Make it happen for you and leave a mark in this world.


This write up is by Ashok Pillai on the talk on “Self-Awareness” by Dr.Priyanka Bahrani, Psychologist and former Faculty Member, Department of Psychology, M.S.University, Baroda on 6th January, 2019.

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